TDZ | About Us
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TDZ Group is a renovated company with vast experience manufacturing clothing, mainly men´s, women´s and children jeans.

Being responsible with our clients, delivering our products on time is of the outmost importance to us. Our workers count with all the necessary tools to achieve their goals. We strive on manufacturing and selling all types of garments with the highest quality standards.


Respecting the rules and regulations established by TDZ Group, as well as our fellow workers, clients and visitors, while providing a courteous and friendly service with a qualified staff. Prompting good relationships with clients, personnel, suppliers, and the community.


To our clients, is to deliver our products and services on schedule. To our employees, providing what is necessary for the elaboration of their work in a friendly environment. Creating an attractive and efficient ambiance for everyone.


To provide a friendly and caring service with a qualified staff so our clients and employees feel in a safe enviroment. Ensuring that the staff, investors and clients share the benefits of the company´s success.


Our entire staff provides a better way to work, aiming to expedite the manufacturing of our products. To constantly search ways of improving the quality norms in every area of the company. To share alliances that generate mutual benefits with our suppliers, inviting them to use the most efficient and modern production techniques.